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Wellbeing project:
proper nutrition…
even in the office.

I nostri servizi messi in campo

Abbiamo progettato e svolto un “Health & Lifestyle Assessment
rivolto al team Nike attraverso questionari digitali. Gli esiti del questionario sono stati utili per evidenziare gap e aree di intervento successive.

Health & Lifestyle Assessment

After an analysis of needs through questionnaires, training sessions started to feed in a conscious way. The 100 collaborators of the 4 branches of Confindustria in Vicenza have learned the basics to eat properly, even with little time or having lunch outside the home.

Health & Lifestyle Assessment

Analysis of the workplace and customization of the “break” spaces and vending machines.

Health & Lifestyle Assessment

Design and activation of services such as healthy snacks, diffusion of water bottles, specific agreements with the nutritionist and lots of fresh fruit available in the offices.

“When a trade association wants to set an example by adopting on itself what it considers important for its members”.

Francesco Bernardi, Founder of Blumantra.