Pietro Fiorentini

People Fuel


Pietro Fiorentini is the leader in creating technologically advanced products and services for natural gas distribution and use.

The company has identified in the corporate wellbeing and employee engagement two new models of innovation.

The goal of the project is:

  • Sustain the human capital development
  • Increase the energy and the well-being of the staff
  • Improve the internal and corporate communication


To create a structured wellbeing plan, combined with a revised internal communication process.

To communicate effectively the new strategy, we create a specific project brand (People Fuel) that will serve as an “umbrella” for the specific actions.


We started with an engagement survey with a lifestyle assessment of collaborators, so that we could build the subsequent interventions on the bases of real the gaps measured.

We then supported the company in a two-days off-site where the project was explained to the senior executives of the group.

The project is in its initial phase and will be rolled out in the course of the year.


90% of the employees responded to the survey and provided hundreds of useful suggestions. The management reacted very well and is eager to pursue the advancement of the initiative.