Nike 360 Workplace


After the experiential training described in the Nike 360 Wellbeing case study, Nike’s management asked us to focus on the work-place and on the internal communication.

The goals were:

  • Generate “Healthy Lifestyle” behaviors to improve the team health and wellbeing
  • Create internal programs and external partnerships to facilitate the adoption of good lifestyle practices (healthy nutrition, physical movement, focus and stress management)
  • Estimate the total cost for the company and the net benefit for the employee of the existing wellbeing services
  • Review and improve the branding of the services and create a wellbeing program leaflet , also as a “total rewarding” tool
  • Optimise the use and the design of office space to make the work place “Energizing and Inspiring”


The strategy was to leverage sports and life-style, essential element of the company core business, as well as the inspiring office space (which was including recreational spaces such as a small indoor soccer field).


Digital test and questionnaires have been prepared and delivered online to check the level of knowledge, use and appreciation of the existing programs.

A detailed analysis of the program cost and the related return of investment was carried out and shared with the management.

The program governance was reviewed and the interaction with other Nike units considered.

Communication policies and visual communication were analyzed and improved.

We created an internal event to present the wellbeing program leaflet and to announce the start of new internal lifestyle courses.


We registered a very positive feed-back from general management, resulting in an increased engagement and awareness on healthy lifestyle.