Nike 360 wellbeing – 360 degrees education and teambuilding


We designed and delivered an online “Health & Lifestyle Assessment” for the Nike team.

The outcome of the questionnaire was useful to highlighting gaps and subsequent intervention areas.
We decided to focus our intervention on 4 specific areas: “concentration and stress management,” “physical movement,” “healthy nutrition,” and “business communication”. We then delivered an experiential training with the support of selected specialists and picked inspiring locations (Technogym Village and Casa Artusi).


For “concentration & stress management” we organized a custom made Yoga and breathing session. For “physical movement”, we delivered an interesting classroom lecture held by the Technogym’s scientific director, alongwith three intense training sessions by professional trainer. For the part “healthy nutrition”, an expert explained the principles of a balanced diet sided by an instructive show-cooking experience. To conclude, a “business communication” session was held by a corporate strategy and communication expert, where the team interacted and summarized in a document the company’s strategic needs.


After 2 days of intense work, we collected the feed-back on the activities carried out. What came to light was that the program was highly appreciated, with judgments ranging from good to excellent, both in terms of location and content and activities proposed. 100% of the participants also said that, thanks to the information received and the experiences made, their lifestyle and habits will be modified. Amanda Tucker, Nike’s General Manager Footwear, stated: “This is one of the best training I experienced in the the last 20 years!”