Healthy Nutrition, Physical Movement and Medical Prevention


Collaborative program to promote an healthy and balanced lifestyle. The three areas of initial focus were: Healthy Nutrition, Physical Movement and Medical Prevention.

The goals were:

  • Creating awareness on the benefits of a healthy and balanced lifestyle, both in terms of improved health and work performance.
  • Provide practical examples of recommended daily habits.
  • Facilitate the implementation of what learned at the work place via specific wellbeing services.

We first identified the partners that could have supported us in delivering the project.

For the nutrition part, we involved the company that handled the corporate restaurant and their nutritionist.

For Physical Movement we collaborated with an Olimpic and a National athlete that acted as testimonial and trainers.

For Medical Prevention, we involved a doctor specialized in medical check-ups.

We also solicited members of the staff to volunteer as “wellbeing coach” to guide and engage their colleagues.


The chosen strategy was to create 3 training moments related to Healthy Nutrition, Physical Movement and Medical Prevention to provide practical insights with the support of experts.

A second phase would have connected such areas with the relevant company services (restaurant, gym and medical program).

During the meetings the colleagues who volunteered as “wellbeing coach” where introduced and a company wellbeing activities calendar was outlined.


The delivery phase has seen the active involvement of the employees and the participation of specialists for the training and the implementation of the lessons learned. We implemented a weekly calendar of activities posted on business bulletins that promoted initiatives that people could participate to.


The initial feed back was very positive, with a high attendance to the outdoor sessions organized in different disciplined by the wellbeing coaches.