Geox Internal Communication


Geox is one of the world’s leading shoe brands, whose success was driven by innovative and technological solutions to ensure breathability and waterproofness.

The project goal was to increase the employees’ engagement by improving the company’s ability to communicate internally.

We mapped the company’s internal communication system and identified strengths and areas of improvement.

In agreement with the management, we identified the ideal moments for communication, the message strategy and the best way to reach effectively the staff.


We proposed a mix of interventions aimed at improving the understanding and distribution of corporate messages through visual and digital tools as well as with structured internal meetings.


We identified the physical spaces where to display the information, reviewed the company intranet and selected digital social collaboration tools.

Graphical templates were designed to encapsulate different types of messages, providing support with the positioning and the copyright.


The initial feed-back was encouraging and facilitated the execution of the company wellbeing program.