Customized training to improve quality of life and performance


Educational path designed for a manager with an initial assessment and subsequent face-to-face sessions with 8 different specialists over a 12-week period.

The objective was to improve the general well-being level and the ability to communicate and network. The course was designed to focus on the areas of specific improvement requested by the manager and highlighted by the assessment.

The assessment phase was performed using specific online tests in addition to structied interviews. The output made it possible to target the following interventions on specific areas of need.

The manager then participated to 25 personal training sessions with 8 different specialists selected and coordinated by Blumantra. The areas covered ranged from aspects of psychological wellness such to physical wellbeing (balanced nutrition, physical movement and medical prevention) to end up with relational skills: personal image, personal communication and networking.


Blumantra planned the sessions based on the customer logistical and schedule needs, provind periodic feed-back and assistance. Wearable devices and online resources completed the program and provided data tracking and information management.


At the end of the training, the manager was very pleased with the experience and he rated turned “very good” or “good” any single part of the program (general organization, location, specialists’ quality, lessons learned, techniques and methods’ used , improvement of personal awareness and wellbeing).