Strategic Analysis of the Wellbeing Services


Elica is a leading Italian company in the field of world class hoods and living systems, with a tradition of attention and involvement of its people, confirmed by the achievement of several awards.

Our project was aimed at reviewing and improving the services offered to the employees, with a particular focus on nutrition issues.

The objectives were:

  • Map and classify the various initiatives to promote work-life balance, wellbeing and engagement
  • Design an inspiring healthy nutrition program
  • Review and improve the existing program in line with the core business and company values


The strategy identified was to validate with a panel of collaborators the new wellbeing plan, previously approved by the top management.

The revised plan was aimed at reinforcing the key aspects of Elica’s culture and tradition, linking it with business and engagement initiatives.


The existing services where analyzed and classified them into thematic clusters.
We reviewed the existing internal catering solution, benchmarking it with other companies and suggesting a revised approach.
The new plan was then shared with the company management and a focus group planned to confirm the proposed approach with a panel of employees.


The company management was pleased with the work done and is now assessing the different options for a further phase.