Eating “right” at work


Bringing the principles of balanced nutrition to 100 employees at Confindustria Vicenza sites in Italy.

The objectives were increasing awareness about the importance of a proper nutrition, providing tips on getting the right balance when dining out and creating opportunities to eat healthy stuff in the workplace

The strategy chosen foresee distinct phases: initial assessment; classroom training; workplace services around nutrition; measure of progress results and corrective action.


Blumantra has delivered the program at the headquarters of Confindustria Vicenza, with the involvement of a qualified nutritionist for the technical and training part. The inizial assessment was collected via questionnaires. The classroom training covered two separate sessions addressed to the staff. Workplace services included the distribution of fresh fruit, water and healthy snacks; the addition of healthy choices in the company restaurant’s menu; the possibility of a personalized diet at special rates. A specific questionnaire will monitor the progress periodically.


A positive response from the staff was evident since the very beginning of the program: about 85 fruit were consumed daily by the staff and a good percentage of employees turned to the specialist for personalized consultation.

One manager said: “Understanding what to eat and how to do it has changed my life. Now I sleep better, I have lost a few pounds and I have a lot more energy. “