Buongustai della Salute


API has been operating since 1956 on research, development and production of thermoplastic and elastomeric compounds. The company has always been a driving force for innovation, contributing to technological advances in several areas such as when they developed the first thermoplastic solution for the ski boots in Italy.

  • The goal of the project was:
    To create awareness about the benefits of a healthy and balanced diet, improving people’s wellbeing, energy and performance levels.


The strategy was to fist deliver a training session to all the staff at the company canteen service, in collaboration with a qualified nutritionist and with the chef of the catering service.

We decided also to summarize the healthy nutrition principles in a booklet that included healthy eating pills and a practical guide of food choices for everyday life.


The training session was delivered on a Saturday morning followed by a lunch in presence of the company management and shareholders. Recommended food combinations were served at the table. In the following days, the booklet and the practical guide were then distributed to all employees during a specific event.


The outcome of the program was very positive and created an increased awareness amongst the staff. API is now considering a program extension for the future.