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Wellbeing experts

Blumantra boosts employees’ engagement and performance through corporate wellbeing.
The team is made up of experts with managerial experience and specific skills in corporate wellbeing, welfare and social responsibility programs.
A good psycho-physical condition is important to work under pressure, to manage high levels of stress and to reach challenging goals.

Ours skills


Strategy and Corporate Wellbeing plan , to promote wellbeing and to improve the work place.


Training paths to improve lifestyle and performance of managers and staff.


Internal communication to motivate people and to align behaviors.

The specific technical knowledge in the different fields is complemented by collaborations with top-level partners.

The Blumantra team comprise experts in corporate wellbeing, psychology, coaching and neuroscience, healthy nutrition, fitness, personal image, communication and networking.


Blumantra Founder

Blumantra was founded in 2013 by Francesco Bernardi. Francesco’s background is in management, as he has been working for over 20 years with Italian and international companies in different field.

He served in the Fashion and Active-wear industry in Marketing and Brand Management roles with brands such as Ferrè, Missoni, Prince, Rollerblade, Killer Loop and Stefanel.

Since 2000 for Vitec Group, an international company listed on the London Stock Exchange, as Marketing & Sales Director Imaging (3 years), Chief Executive Officer and Divisional Chief Executive Imaging (8 years) and finally, Group Head of Strategic Projects (2 years).
In his last role he had group responsibility for Corporate Communication, Corporate Social Responsibility, Welfare and Wellbeing.

His experience in designing and managing people care & wellbeing started in 2004 when he launched Good 3, a project aimed at improving employees’ lifestyle and performances.
In the last years, he consolidated his experience by coordinating Corporate Wellbeing and Social Responsibility for Vitecgroup plc with programs in more than 20 countries.

Francesco has a university degree in Political Sciences and completed his education in the United States of America by attending the Stanford Executive Program.

Partners, contributors and friends

We grow with the support of our customers and friends.